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My Jenny

I was 25 years old, single, and enlisted in the Army when I found out I was pregnant. None of my family members would help me out; they told me "you made the bed, now you need to sleep in it," basically it was all my responsibility. I soon realized that I had to make a decision and pretty soon, because I was going to be deployed soon. I decided that I wanted my soon-to-be-born daughter to be able to grow up with a loving, financially stable family. I was able to choose the family who adopted her.

The Army allowed me to have the baby and then return to duty. The adoptive parents were called when I went into labor and were at the hospital moments after my baby was born. My baby was discharged to the adoptive parents from the hospital as I had requested. 

I remain in contact with the adoptive parents through email and they have even set up a personal web site where they post photos, videos and updates. I love that I can see the updates anywhere in the world I'm stationed! Adoption has proven to me to be the best. I know she is cared for and loved and I can see it in her eyes in photos. If I ever wanted to see her, her parents have agreed to meet me for a visit. I trust them as they have followed through in everything they promised before the adoption.

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